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Research Paper • April 28, 2021

The important thing to know about text analysis is that it starts as you’re reading the work of fiction for the first time. Before starting to go through the contents, we advise you to look through all the points you need to analyze the text. 

This way, you can find answers to the necessary points along the way: descriptions of heroes, their remarks, quotes, and the like. For convenience, mark the pages with important thoughts in the notebook, or make bookmark stickers in the book/document itself.

Also, take a look at the articles criticizing the piece. In them, you will find many analysis points and ideas that you could develop in your assignment.  Take criticism as a basis, and then find confirmation of the facts in the piece. But you should not completely rely on someone else’s opinion.

If you add your reasoning, you are guaranteed a good mark. So, the points that you must acquaint yourself with are the following:

The Text’s Background

Start the analysis with the historical background of its creation. By whom was it written? What was the purpose of its creation? How does the piece fit into the writer’s biography?

Consider the importance of the piece to the writer personally and its broader influence on other people. Was it received well or badly? Such insights will assist in dissecting the composition.

The Text Within Literary Context

Find a table with signs of different literary genres and use it to determine which of them our work belongs to. Signs that will help to do this: volume, the general amount of storylines and issues, duration of action, literary means, among many others.

The Title and Its Meaning

The title of the work often hides its meaning or foreshadows the events in the piece. This hint about what will be discussed in the work, which you should mention! Analyze how the title connects to the textual contents.

Motifs, Major Concepts, and Issues Portrayed

The motifs are the returning options or notions or even events with symbolic significance throughout the piece. Concepts are the main beliefs and worldviews expressed in the textual contents. Lastly, the aspect of the issue is quite obvious what it refers to. All these points are an essential part of any text analysis.

Main Events in the Composition

Analyzing the narrative is another essential part of studying a particular piece. Such things as the title, text’s background, and context can be omitted (although not recommended). However, the narrative analysis is a must because it directly plays into the motifs and major concepts of the composition.

You’ll have to analytically go through the structural parts of the piece and identify. Then, show which developments correspond with which ideas and concepts are presented to the reader. It’s best when you map out the events chronologically and relations characters throughout the text.

The Imagery

Now, it’s a must to talk about the imagery in the piece. Examine the peculiar quirks in the environment (or lack thereof) that the writer creates. Also, focus on the self-portrayal of various narrative-critical characters. The characters are often the main vehicle for the writer’s ideas.

Structural Dissection

You’ve already viewed the text’s structure through the perspective of the narrative. However, you also should examine it from a literal standpoint. How does it influence the reading experience? How the textual content is structured can be a critical factor, especially if it’s a lyrical piece!

Literary Means

For an answer to this point, take a look at the literary dictionary at the end of the textbook. There are probably many artistic means and techniques: epithets, comparisons, metaphors, and others. Do not be lazy to look in and remember the most common of them to find later in the composition.

It Is Hard

Analyzing a work of art is not easy. You have to read the piece, and it’s rarely a short piece. Usually, students have to analyze whole novels worth of text, which can be highly complicated. Working through the composition together with your coursemates is always a great idea.

Also, text analysis isn’t a precise science, so don’t easily commit to various ideas. Start your answers with the following phrase:

  • “I think.”
  • “I believe.”
  • “In my opinion.”
  • and so on.

This way, you’ll be able to develop your thoughts naturally and logically, which will be pleasing to read.

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