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When you start to work on your environmental pollution essay you need to keep in mind that taking care of the environment is one of the most crucial tasks of the modern society. The progress and growth of industry causes a great pollution of water and air with various kinds of substances such as unsafe chemical substances, gases and many others. Being one of the chief problems of the modern days, pollution is quite often selected as the topic for discussion in essays and other types of academic writing papers. When you start your essay, don’t forget to begin with presenting the definition of the notion “pollution”. Then you can go on with writing. Below are listed the important points you will need to mention in your essay.

  • The very first fact you can write about is the effects of the environmental pollution. Here you need to give some comments on the economic and physical results of pollution. For example, write about the global warming that harms the world climate and causes storms and forest fires all over the world.
  • If you want to write about the air pollution in your environmental pollution essay you will have to tell about the facts of such pollution. For example, describe the most wide-spread air pollutants and tell about its main forms – solid, liquid or gases. Besides, you can mention that there exist natural and man-made pollutants.
  • While telling about the water pollution you need to write about the pollution of water bodies such as oceans, rivers and groundwater. Mention that this kind of pollution affects plants and all the living organisms of water. You can also tell about the categories of water pollution, its causes and measurements as well as describe the possible control of the problem.
  • Finally, all good environmental pollution essays should describe the solutions to the pollution problems. You will have to offer some reasonable solutions to fight the pollution. Write about what has been already done or what is going to be done by the governments of the world.
  • So, there are some most important points you should mention in your essay anyway. They are the notion of the word “pollution“, the forms of it and most wide-spread pollutants, the causes and effects on human health and environment. Besides, don’t forget to write about the monitoring and pollution control as well as future perspectives.

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