Writing College Essay Ideas

Alternative Approach to Writing College Essay Ideas

Writing college essays can be a daunting task for a student who has lots of requirements and school loads to finish. Coming up with a sensible essay depends on the ideas that a student needs to write the essay, so, a great repository of college essay ideas should always be ready. Students might think that it will be extra work on their part. But, the simplest trick in increasing one’s ideas will be incorporating recent events or news, even one’s own personal experience into the topic given to them. And there’s nothing more satisfying than submitting an essay piece that comes straight from the heart.

Spontaneity in writing essays always is a great help especially rushed works that is needed to be submitted in an hour. The problem lays is not writing the piece, but in organizing ones thoughts in such a way that the essay piece says a lot about the writer. It will be like conveying what you want to tell the person reading the essay and letting the reader feel the emotions that you are feeling while writing the essay. Not only will this be helpful, but studies show that writing can be therapeutic as well. This is also the time where stored college essay ideas come in handy. The defense mechanism of substitution can lessen the anxieties of an individual and help stressed out persons relax. Substitution is redirecting a deviant behavior into a more productive one, such as pouring out all frustrations of a student into the essay being written. After completing the essay paper, it is certain that not only will the anxieties be lessened but a smile will surely be on the student’s face when the moment of submission comes.

There are also a broad range of ideas that can be tackled by the student when writing an essay piece. But the safest subject that a student can incorporate into the content of the paper is philosophy since less research is needed in the academic art of reasoning. The use of philosophy, form Kant to Nietzsche to Jasper or Sarte, will only require a student to choose a side: morality or ideology. Reasoning, in its status quo, only needs for one person to think about the question “why”, and all the rest follows. The use of philosophy in an argument or in paper writing can be the safest idea there is. The mere notion of “Cogito, ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) validates the reason for one’s point, and simply just by thinking justifies whatever reason or point one might have. Descartes even points out that by doubting, one can attain a high form of self-affirmation (“Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum”), that can lead to vast ideas used in any way.

Even with minor familiarity on the topics of philosophy and psychology can a student create vast college essay ideas that can be easily manipulated in writingor used in a college term paper. The product will not only be decent, but can turn out to be a quality essay piece on any subject in any field of study.

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