Admission essay topic

Admission essay topics to avoid

Avoid certain types of admission essay topics if you can. Fortunately most admission essay topiccolleges do provide some element of choice. These are  “no win”  topics, where you can neither grab nor retain the attention of the powers that be. Instead you may end up attracting the unwarranted prejudices of one or more of them without any commensurate benefits.

Sob stories

These topics may sound like “honest and factual self appraisal”. The authorities may ask you to explain matters like below par academic performances, traumas, personal tragedies and adverse family or social circumstances. A few of them may even ask you about your ailments or physical handicaps! Simply prefix something like “what you have learned from…” to anyone of these phrases, it may appear to be a reflective essay prompt. Yes, you need to disclose some of these details to the college. But the admission essay is not the place for it. Even people who have seen ups and downs of life for many years may not have balanced and well matured views on such adverse personal issues.

”Prodigal Son” type topics

By far these admission essay topics are the most sadistic of the lot. Avoid topics with innuendos on your vices, sexual preferences and encounters with the law etc. “Have you used drugs at any point of time in your life? What have you learned about drug abuse?” sounds respectable enough. But the motive behind such a question may not be harmless. Keep away from such topics!

Bravado profiles

You may be misled by such pep admission essay topics. They may seemingly cover acts of your personal or altruistic heroism and courage. You risk appearing as a hyperbole spouting braggart. Even if what all you say is true, it may sound incredible to some!

Fire brand

These admission essay topics solicit your views on issues that provoke extreme reactions of average people.  A good number of the so called mature people may have pre conceived and skewed ideas of such phenomena. Avoid writing on such issues as “Islamic Terrorism” or “Gay rights”. You may be wrong either way. “Double jeopardy”!


These admission essay topics may provoke you to blow your own trumpet. Happy to share the nostalgic memories of your great academic distinctions, achievements in sports or anything you are very proud of? Beware of the poison dart in the pineapple tart! You should have provided laboriously long details of such things in your CV, application form or personal statements. The hawks that matter will prey on you if your essay contradicts the reams of other paper fodder you have provided. Sometimes people may not believe you even if your essay speaks “The truth and nothing but truth”.

Well I can go on and on in this vein. See you later. By the by it may be easier to buy essays sometimes. Here is an excellent resource even for custom research papers.

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