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6 Mistakes That Make Your Essay Less Readable

Essay • May 1, 2021

Want to improve your writing but don’t know how? Well, nobody is perfect, and if you feel like there’s room to grow, then that’s the case.

There are a couple of different approaches to how you can improve your composing proficiency:

  • Developing an algorithm of work.
  • Adhering to strict text structure.
  • Following the best style principles.
  • Learning compositional concepts.

However, in this article, we’ll approach this question from the perspective of mistakes. We’ve discussed the most most common mistakes people make when composing texts. Check them out and reflect on your writing. There will be some areas you can improve.

Mistake #1: Not Understanding the Meaning of the Thesis

This is one of the most common problems: graduates do not fully understand the topic. Therefore they cannot expand upon it. They often make arguments that coincide with the thesis indirectly. For example, they see the word “dream” in the topic, cling to it, and use literary material, where this word also occurs.It is impossible to train you to understand the thesis because you never know it in advance. However, you can conduct training sessions: disassemble theses and try to understand them critically. The student should not just “dump” all the preparation works, but be aware of what exactly the professors want from you. Always analyze the topic fully first, then move forwards.

Mistake # 2: Unable to Parse Text

There is usually an official requirement: a literary example must be cited in full, preferably according to the school curriculum. Misunderstanding an outdated word or ancient rituals is an easily overcomeable problem, but it’s more difficult with the general understanding of the work’s idea.The most difficult thing for graduates is the analysis of the literary text, its correct understanding. Many incorrectly dissect character actions, seeing kindness and mercy where retribution takes place. This commonly happens in essay analyses.You can teach speech patterns and cliches, build a composition and logic for the development of thought, but this is a question of form. The content is more complicated: it requires intuition, deep penetration into the text. Yet another essay writing issue that is dealt with by reading more carefully.

Mistake # 3: Opening up the Topic Formally

Many learners decide to “skip” the essay assignments without putting much effort in and not learning proper reasoning. Such students are engaged in “mathematics”: they calculate what criteria are needed to get a credit and do not even try to delve into the topic or give convincing arguments.Many students treat their work formally. For example, in the first part, where the main reasoning is given, students should develop their thought in detail, consistently on the proposed topic, and then confirm it with a precisely selected argument from fiction. Instead, they write two or three general phrases that do not reveal the peculiarities of the topic and do not demonstrate any deep understanding, after which they move on to a literary example, selected formally, sometimes confirming a completely different idea. Learners need to learn to discuss, substantiate their position, and not superficially interpret the topic of the essay.

Mistake # 4: Deliberating Illogically

Many students are not very good at developing ideas – often, they cannot form an essay in the form of a logical chain of thoughts. The reasoning turns out from a set of theses and thoughts, and the examiner has to “fill in the logic in between” himself.In the classroom, we learn to think, reason logically, and write so that each subsequent thought follows from the previous one. To do this, remember the linking words:

  • Therefore
  • However
  • But
  • At the same time
  • Despite this
  • And others.

Often there is an incorrect use of the conjunctive conjunctions “and” / “also”: they are put instead of the adversary “but” / “however.” The incorrect transition from argument to argument is also common. It is a must to use the correct conjunctions and other means of communication between sentences. Moving from one argument to the next – synonymous or counter-argument – should be explicit.

Mistake # 5: Incorrect Grammatical Constructions

Speech forgives inaccuracies. Writing does not. Mistake-ridden speech gets into writings, redundant constructions appear, for example, “what.” Learners can start a sentence with an indicative “then” do not know how to build adverbial and participial phrases. Then, they violate the construction of complex sentences and use subordinate conjunctions incorrectly.The worst part is that they do not see the error, even when the teacher points to it. Syntactic and grammatical errors have deep roots. Only complexes of grammar exercises, where there are many tasks on the same topic, can fix this issue. For example you can use an essay editing service.

Mistake # 6: Overcomplicating and -simplifying Sentences

Pupils often try to avoid punctuation mistakes by crafting very simple, even primitive sentences. When they try to build a deployed structure, they do it awkwardly out of inability and fear. It results in cumbersome phrases with repetitions of unions, unnecessary phrases, and subordinate clauses. This is not a good way to structure any type of writing, especially the graded one. Literacy is extremely important. Many students are held back by their large number of spelling and punctuation errors. Dealing with this issue yet again requires more reading and more practical text studies.

We Can Fix the Writing

If you feel like your essay is full of the mistakes we’ve described above, don’t fret. Our writing professionals have an extensive background in academic composition. They can easily help you deal with the issues.


Written by Gregory Cox

Stuck with your Capstone project? Been there, done that. Now is my turn to help you get over any study difficulty. Learning is fun if you have an experienced expert (like me) by your side.

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