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Valeria Gorner

Writing an Essay Introduction Quickly

Essay Writing • May 7, 2021

Starting to compose is always very hard. You can often find yourself sitting down just staring at the blank document. Yeah, with that approach – you won’t get very far. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

All you have to do is approach writing and starting the assignment in a structured approach. We’ve created the best way you can set the completion of your essay into motion. Just follow our recommendations, and you’ll deal with the introduction very quickly.

Collect All Information About the Topic

Before you sit down to compose the text, we recommend collecting all the information on it. It’s even better when you write the main parts before the intro. However, that’s not a requirement. You have to know exactly what ideas you’ll present in the main body.

Throughout the article, we’ll take apart how to begin composing an applicational essay. For example, these can be your achievements at school/university, work experience, volunteering experience. You would show that you deserve to go to this university without overdoing it in a motivational letter.

Sketch out all the major arguments and points that you’ll mention later on in the piece. This will allow you to create a suitable introduction.

Consider the Requirements

For the typical task, you’d have to read through the requirements from your professor carefully. The conditions will also guide your writing and will help you avoid doing any revisions.

On the websites of some universities, you can find requirements for an admissions essay: these can be nuances related to the content, design, or just-style. Do not neglect the requirements – try to give the selection committee all the information it wants to receive in your piece.

Creating a Creative Introduction

The introduction is an extremely important part of the essay because it should grasp the reader’s attention. Apart from doing a plain and boring intro that just recites what the main part contains, you can do a creative one.

We advise our students to use quotes from various sources, pose interesting questions that you then answer, tell a small story that prompts the discussion, etc. These ideas can come about when you’re researching the topic. Use all your imagination and make your writing piece unique!

Composing the Introduction

Going along with the application essay example, you’d maybe note down: “I want to enter your faculty because I found it on the Internet, and it seemed interesting to me. I think this specialty is exactly what I need. ” And now we select and delete all this. In no case should you start this way.

Don’t go for obvious comments and statements. In the motivation letter, it is logical to assume that a person wants to enter a certain college specialty at some university.It is much better to talk about what qualifies you as an applicant from the first pages.

Why are you suitable for this specialty? (Yes, yes, it is you who are perfect for the major, not the specialty for you.) – simple as that. Try posing a question to the whole topic and answering briefly. This will let you compose a very compact and suitable intro that will lead nicely into the main part.

How to Write Faster?

Of course, you could do a few things outside of planning just to improve your composition speed. Here they are:

  • Refusing to edit while free writing.
  • Utilizing a timer.
  • Using “Write or Die.”

Stop Editing

This is a bad habit for many people. This is a big mistake because you do not see the entire text and get distracted by its incompleteness. Try to stay away from editing – just let yourself write freely and edit after you’re done. If you can print without looking at the screen/keyboard, simply cover the monitor with paper. If you cannot see what is there and where you cannot edit it.

Use a Timer

Start it for 25 minutes and do one task. This will force you not to be distracted by secondary tasks and complete everything as quickly as possible. Write for 25 minutes; then, you can edit it. But don’t do it at the same time. You have to be focused while employing this technique, so no smartphones or browsing the internet.

Write or Die

Just set the time and the number of words you need to compose and click “Try.” If the program notices that you have not been writing for too long, the screen starts turning pink – if you do not continue creating, then very quickly, the screen will turn completely red, and the program will start making some kind of annoying sound. This is a dire method, but, honestly, it does get you working.

Can’t Deal with It All?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this essay task – don’t be intimidated! Remember, there’s always help available. We’re a professional assignment service that aids young learners with essay writing.

Valeria Gorner

Written by Valeria Gorner

To tell the truth, I didn’t like being a student. This explains why I decided to devote my life to helping learners survive their academic years. I am a pro in business & marketing but writing about it is my true one passion. If you need an essay, a research paper, or just a piece of advice, hit me up!

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