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Erin Amedda

All Digital School Picks Favourite Online Writing Tool

Essay Writing • April 28, 2021

All Digital School is a useful aggregator for students. It collects the most engaging and convenient tools that learners can employ in their studies. Everything from language improving services to psychology tools to parenting tips.

However, today, we’ll be focusing on the best tool for writing. Many aspects play a role in composing, including the following:

  • The factual process of writing.
  • Conjuring up ideas.
  • Adhering to grammatical and stylistic rules.
  • Keeping the language engaging.
  • Writing unique content.
  • Use essay checker

Sadly, there isn’t one tool that can perform every task well or even at all. That’s why we’ll go over the best writing services in each area of composition mentioned above.

Writing It All Out

Of course, MS Word is familiar, convenient, understandable, and generally great. But if you are a student, it means that someone from the teaching staff will be checking your text. In this case, it may very well be more convenient to use the Google drive service. It allows for people to edit, comment easily, and work on a document together easily.In Google docs, you have all the usual formatting options and create as customized paper as you want. Additionally, you can export into many document formats, not just “.docx.” Google docs give you a lot of convenience and usability, all for free! Additionally, it’s an online tool, so you don’t even need to install anything to utilize it.The big difference, of course, is that the Word file is stored on your computer, and if something happens to your hardware, it can simply disappear forever. A document on Google drive is stored in the cloud. It is very convenient to work with comments to the text on Google docs. It doesn’t need to be forwarded to anyone, and comments are visible immediately after they’re left.

Noting Down Ideas Quickly

When a thought is fleeting and afraid to miss it, use the online dictation service of text, which has a voice input. For example, the Google Speech service was given to us all by the generous Google for free yet again. Just select the English language in the drop-down list, turn on the microphone icon in the upper right corner, and you can dictate the text. The voice recognition quality in this program for working with text is not ideal but quite acceptable.The resulting text can be copied into a Word or Google doc, and the editing process can begin. Dictating a text is often a remedy for not being able to begin writing. After vocalizing your ideas, they become easy to improve and work with.

Avoiding Stylistic and Grammatical Mistakes

Grammarly is an incredibly useful tool for any person writing English texts. This is a very complete and understandable free automized software that checks text’s correctness. The main focus is, of course, grammatical correctness. The free version of the tool also can highlight stylistic mistakes and wordy phrases. However, Grammarly also offers a paid version, which gives you a complete evaluation of your text. It can help you improve the style immensely. However, you can do without it just fine.

Keeping the Language Diverse and Engaging

As a rule, an extensive vocabulary is especially important when working with art forms – stories, essays, creative pieces.However, the ability to operate with synonyms never hurts, even if you write on purely technical topics.The online service is called Thesaurus. It’s good for selecting synonyms for the words you search for. Of course, the program is not without flaws: it often gives out completely inappropriate variants, as well as antonyms and words that have nothing to do with the request at all. But we have to remember that we’re taking the word out of some defined context while the tool has nothing to work with. So, you should be careful when choosing synonyms to improve the vocabulary of your texts.

Ensuring Unique Content

Lastly, you should always be writing original content, no matter for what purpose it is. There are many anti-plagiarism services online, but a big portion of them is not free. However, luckily for everybody, exists 1text – it’s free and has a great algorithm that’s much better than most other options.Yes, sometimes you have to wait, as it uses a queue-based system for dealing with requests. However, you don’t have to pay, and it’s nice. There are also restrictions on the volume of the text in a single check – about 15,000 characters.Also, you get a link to the uniqueness report, which is highly useful, as it proves to other people the originality of your writing.

You Can Use Our Tool Too

We’re a professional writing service and can easily deal with any task that you have. Our website tool is highly convenient and can save you a lot of time by taking on your assignment.

Erin Amedda

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