500-Word Essay — A Step-by-Step Writing Guide

The 500 Word Essay — A Write-Up with a Limitation on the Word Count Essays are one way of testing students’ writing capabilities. Some come with a restriction on the number of pages. A…

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Essay Writing Examples

Utilizing Valuable Essay Examples Numerous inspiring essay writing examples can be found on books, journals and various websites. Some of these had been written by renowned essayists while others are works of those who…

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Essay format example

Nowadays more and more often teachers pay intent attention to the formatting of your essay as well as to the content. It sometimes happens that tutors give definite specific formatting guidelines which you should…

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Essays Help

Essay Help In the following section we will try to explain major essay basics and give some hints how to succeed and do exactly what is expected. As usual, consider applying to paper writing…

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Essay Competition

Essay Competition There are different kinds of essay competition. Basically, essays are a writing piece expressing an author’s point of view concerning a particular matter. General essay clues: • show your opinion consistently •…

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Dissertation Help Articles

Dissertation Help Articles Many students know how to deal with essays. Some students know how to compose one. But most of them call for dissertation help article while writing. When students get an assignment to…

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Essay on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming Global warming is one of the most substantial matters that bother people from day to day. Though some scientists disagree with other ones concerning causes and effects, the problem exists…

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Essay Ideas

Essay Ideas Though in most cases essay writing does not seem to be a tough work to do, sometimes there appear some complications concerning making up an essay idea. Since each author tries to…

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Essay Help

Essay Help Many students know how to deal with essays. Some students know how to compose one. But most of them call for essays help while writing. When students get an assignment to preparer…

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Essay Definition

Essay Definition Originally, the word “essay” comes from French “essayer” which means “to try”. According to Latin origin, “essay” appears from the word “exagium” and can be translated as “weighing” or “evaluating”. All this…

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